Patio Slabs For Your Backyard Projects

I wanted to give you a few pointers if you’re thinking about tackling a large remodel project out in your back yard. A truly beautiful back yard can help sell your home. When someone comes and sees all the hard work that went into maintaining it is a great selling point. When I started to remodel my back yard I did some research on what would be best for the patio. What I finally decided on was sandstone patio slabs. They were a little more costly than just your traditional concrete slab, but what you get out of the look out ways the cost by far.

They come in just about any color you could want, and you’re able to cut them just like you would with tile. What I decided on was the main outer portion of the patio would have a nice wave-like flow to it, and made it the same color of the trim of the house. Then I purchased a hand full of different colors and broke them up into pieces and did a Mosaic design in the middle that flowed with the outer couture. It turned out beautiful, and for what I had in the cost of the stone was nowhere near what I was able to get out of it when I sold the home.

When you use sandstone patio slabs in your back yard and you decide to do any other projects back there, you will want to use the same thing to keep the feel the same. I decided I wanted a pop up gazebo as well in my back yard so I could have a place to go sit outback on a beautiful sunny day and just read next to the waterfall. I purchased the same color of sandstone as I used on the patio, and made sure the design closely matched it as well. After installing the sandstone patio slabs with the gazebo I felt the back yard was complete. Since then I have been looking at other area of the house where I could incorporate it in as well. I am looking at doing a project in the front yard with the walk way and driveway. I think the patio slabs would bring out the curb appeal, and also add more value to the home. Patio slabs are affordable but truly bring up the resale value in your home.